NaturalMotion  joined  Zynga in 2014, and since then, the development team is working hard on creating a new game Dawn of the Titans , provided in the pipeline in 2015 in the category action strategy .


We are entitled to sublime game capture images with lavish decor, in Dawn of the Titans , players are immersed in a fantasy world breathtaking, and should lead the Titans in epic battles with thousands of soldiers.



Players build their kingdoms to power their army, raise their Titans and fight epic battles to capture the territories.

Dawn of the Titans  immerses you in a realm that looks and feels real with trees, waterfalls, Titans, fighting designed in the smallest possible accuracy. Dawn of titans hack

The developers left with as main line to achieve things that do not seem possible, starting with a few questions:

  • Is it possible to create credible epic battles with several thousand units, with all the real-time fights you control at your fingertips?
  • Can we use our technology, which has been used by notable theatrical blockbusters and console games over the last decade, to offer an experience that seems real and reacts to every touch?
  • And would it be possible to offer this epic experience in a portable session accessible on mobile?


The answer is yes according Torsten Reil , CEO of NaturalMotion.

In the coming weeks, Dawn of the Titans enter its first of several geo-blocking phases (by geographical areas) and the development team will be listening to player feedback to accelerate testing across geographical areas and the devices.

After all the testing phases, Dawn of the Titans will be launched around the world before the end of this year, 2015.