5 best tricks for Asphalt Xtreme

Here are the top 5 tips for Asphalt Xtreme , which allow you to be very fast and win races against the machine or the brilliant multiplayer with up to 8 players online.

Trick 1: Learn how to master your vehicle

For me the most complicated of all is to adapt to the control of the direction by the turns with the screen and using the accelerometer of the mobile. Surely this is the most difficult to master because in a race so  Asphalt Xtreme you need to precision in turns and just practicing much you can get.

Also that each vehicle is a little different so you must adapt to the sensitivity, which on the other hand can be adjusted to your liking. asphalt xtreme hack

Trick 2: Use the nitro at the best times

That is, you will accumulate nitro with time and by the collection of cylinders in race. What do you want it for? It is clear that it will give you an acceleration plus that will make you gain speed in a short time.


This is useful coming out of the corners or after a touch or exit to rough terrain. In Asphalt Xtreme staying at high speed is as good as avoid staying the shortest time possible at low speeds.

Learn not to waste the nitro and use it when it is more efficient, either with triple pulsation if you need an urgent measure or a sustained pulsation if you face a great straight, to dose the injection of nitro and get better performance.


Trick 4: Learn the circuit and pay attention to the directions

There is no doubt that memorizing a circuit will allow you to take better curves. However you can follow the directions in the form of arrows.

In addition to plotting the curve well you must do it at the correct speed and for this you must stop in time

Trick 5: Use the skid right

Avoid skidding when you do not need to or skid when you get into high gear in tight corners

Asphalt Xtreme is a great extreme racing game. If you are looking for something else test type games Space Marshals 2  or The Walking Dead . Comment that you thought(I.e.