Clash Royal has been updated, we tell you all the news

Last week Clash Royale , one of the games of the time, received a powerful update loaded with new features . For those not you’ve played, it is a card battle game with a backdrop of fantasy role -playing game, with dragons, knights, witches and giants, among other characters. The fact that consists of short battles makes very addictive , not to mention the graphics is very nice.

Clash Royale developers have decided it needed new stimuli to continue flawed and bring us many new features in this version 1.3.2. Clash Royale hack

New cards

This version offers up to 6 new cards spread across all categories. A common letter called “Spirits of Fire” ; a special letter called “The oven” ; as a new epic, “The guards” ; and three legendary cards in the absence of one, “The Hound of lava” , “Miner” and “Sparky” . In the following video you can see how are you new “Sparky” behave on the battlefield:

Gold and chests

The guys Clash Royale have decided to increase the reward system and now give us more gold . If you take some time playing already you know that the holes are completed for filling coffers if not open before, and there comes a time when you do not win more than experience in battle. Well, now the gold game gives us directly by winning battles .

clash royale guide 12We continue to bingo. Chests crowns now give twice as prizes and the chances of finding one giant supermágico or duplicated . And now if you’re good enough to reach the legendary arena you can buy in the store legendary cards instead of waiting to see if a stroke of luck you get them .

On the other hand they wanted to give prominence to the TV Royale , maybe not so popular, that allows watching reruns of popular games or other users have wanted to record. We said earlier that see these items was a good way to get some extra experience points, but I can now see friendly battles and even throwing confetti, yeah, confetti.

These are the main new features of this update, squeeze butt to go looking at these items we’ve collected for you with tips and tricks to win battles . Clash royale cheats