5 best tricks for Asphalt Xtreme

Here are the top 5 tips for Asphalt Xtreme , which allow you to be very fast and win races against the machine or the brilliant multiplayer with up to 8 players online.

Trick 1: Learn how to master your vehicle

For me the most complicated of all is to adapt to the control of the direction by the turns with the screen and using the accelerometer of the mobile. Surely this is the most difficult to master because in a race so  Asphalt Xtreme you need to precision in turns and just practicing much you can get.

Also that each vehicle is a little different so you must adapt to the sensitivity, which on the other hand can be adjusted to your liking. asphalt xtreme hack

Trick 2: Use the nitro at the best times

That is, you will accumulate nitro with time and by the collection of cylinders in race. What do you want it for? It is clear that it will give you an acceleration plus that will make you gain speed in a short time.


This is useful coming out of the corners or after a touch or exit to rough terrain. In Asphalt Xtreme staying at high speed is as good as avoid staying the shortest time possible at low speeds.

Learn not to waste the nitro and use it when it is more efficient, either with triple pulsation if you need an urgent measure or a sustained pulsation if you face a great straight, to dose the injection of nitro and get better performance.


Trick 4: Learn the circuit and pay attention to the directions

There is no doubt that memorizing a circuit will allow you to take better curves. However you can follow the directions in the form of arrows.

In addition to plotting the curve well you must do it at the correct speed and for this you must stop in time

Trick 5: Use the skid right

Avoid skidding when you do not need to or skid when you get into high gear in tight corners

Asphalt Xtreme is a great extreme racing game. If you are looking for something else test type games Space Marshals 2  or The Walking Dead . Comment that you thought(I.e.

Tips CSR Racing 2 – iOS, Android

The CSR Racing 2 tricks are the latest tricks for iOS and Android. You can download them for free, and receive gold, silver and fuel!

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Tricks CSR Racing 2 or unlimited free money

CSR Racing 2 – The new chapter of the No. 1 drag racing game of all time has arrived.

“Nice to fall in,” Kotaku
“More real than real” CULT OF MAC
“Destroys the border between mobile graphics and graphics for console” POLYGON

With its breathtaking graphics, CSR2 offers you a race of hyper-realistic dragsters. Measure yourself with online players all over the world with your personalized supercars including the LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 ™, the Koenigsegg One: 1 and much more.

Combine with your friends to form a crew, improve your car to reach maximum speed and dominate the competition in global crew events. CSR2 is brand new, download it for free and race now!


CSR2 pushes the boundaries of mobile devices. With its remarkable 3D rendering techniques, CSR2 offers the most beautiful and realistic cars to date. Now you can get into each car to observe the thoroughly detailed interior, including the manufacturer’s original options. The racing games can not be more real than that.


Measure yourself against opponents from around the world or race with your friends over real-time challenges.


Customize your car with a wide range of paints, rims, stirrups and interiors as you would in real life with an advanced car configurator. Choose from body colors, custom decals and license plates to give your vehicle a unique twist.


Improving your car is only the beginning. You can now adjust speed ratios, tire pressure, nitro balancing and much more. And when the competition becomes ruthless, dismount some old cars to get coins to merge into your favorite vehicles.


Get the supercars of your dreams and expose them in your huge garage. CSR2 offers more than 50 vehicles under official licenses from the most prestigious manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.


Join your friends and participate in chat, multiplayer races, online crews, new online events and rankings.


Participates in crew battles in solo mode in fantastic racing environments and moves from beginner to pro by beating the best crews in a city where appearances are deceiving. Can you discover the truth?Do not forget to be on the lookout for events that will allow you to get extra money for improvements and win rare coins for your vehicles. New events are added daily!


NaturalMotion  joined  Zynga in 2014, and since then, the development team is working hard on creating a new game Dawn of the Titans , provided in the pipeline in 2015 in the category action strategy .


We are entitled to sublime game capture images with lavish decor, in Dawn of the Titans , players are immersed in a fantasy world breathtaking, and should lead the Titans in epic battles with thousands of soldiers.



Players build their kingdoms to power their army, raise their Titans and fight epic battles to capture the territories.

Dawn of the Titans  immerses you in a realm that looks and feels real with trees, waterfalls, Titans, fighting designed in the smallest possible accuracy. Dawn of titans hack

The developers left with as main line to achieve things that do not seem possible, starting with a few questions:

  • Is it possible to create credible epic battles with several thousand units, with all the real-time fights you control at your fingertips?
  • Can we use our technology, which has been used by notable theatrical blockbusters and console games over the last decade, to offer an experience that seems real and reacts to every touch?
  • And would it be possible to offer this epic experience in a portable session accessible on mobile?


The answer is yes according Torsten Reil , CEO of NaturalMotion.

In the coming weeks, Dawn of the Titans enter its first of several geo-blocking phases (by geographical areas) and the development team will be listening to player feedback to accelerate testing across geographical areas and the devices.

After all the testing phases, Dawn of the Titans will be launched around the world before the end of this year, 2015.

Hoe krijg ik meer gems

Gems zijn kostbaar in het spel. Er zijn een paar manieren om extra juwelen.

Schakel het veld

Wanneer u obstakels zoals rotsen, bomen en struiken uit uw vakgebied verwijdert, vindt u soms pareltjes onder deze items.


Het raken van bepaalde mijlpalen in het spel zal je belonen met extra edelstenen. Enkele voorbeelden zijn gebouw groter gouden schatkist, ontsluiting van draken, opblazen van muren en van bouwer hutten. Door te klikken op van het meisje gezicht inde linker bovenhoek van het scherm ziet u een lijst met resultaten.

  • Mooi en netjesEen voorbeeld is het ontruimen van het veld (hierboven genoemde) zullen beide jemeer juweeltjes in het proces net evenals krijg je een massa beloning wanneer u bepaalde mijlpaal graven raakt (bijvoorbeeld clearing 500 krijgt u 20 edelstenen.) Gratis Clash of clans gems
  • Zoete overwinning! Als je 1250 trofeeën in multiplayer gevechten wint, krijg je 450 edelstenen. Toevoegen dat tot een andere 50 u krijgen/houden op je eigen en je een 3de bouwer veroorloven kunt.

Ze kopen

Klaarblijkelijk, zulks zit hoe SuperCell maakt haar geld. Dit zijn de in-app aankopendie houdt dit spel op de top van de hitlijsten. Terwijl sommige mensen zijn onvermurwbaar tegen micro-transacties, als dit GRATIS spel u een redelijke hoeveelheid plezier geeft, waarom niet geven $5 naar de ontwikkelaar te houden gaan en u krijgt eenbeetje te stimuleren in het spel. Ook, als je dat niet kunt wegblijven van het kopen van edelstenen, ga je gang en doe een grotere aankoop vooraf als de per gem kosten is goedkoper. Veel spelers zullen ze $5 kopen bij een tijd in plaats van zojuist bitting de kogel en krijg meer waarde.

  • 500 gems =       4.77€
  • 1200 gems =     9.56€
  • 2500 gems =   19.12€
  • 6500 gems =   47.83€
  • 14000 gems = 95.66€

Clash Royal has been updated, we tell you all the news

Last week Clash Royale , one of the games of the time, received a powerful update loaded with new features . For those not you’ve played, it is a card battle game with a backdrop of fantasy role -playing game, with dragons, knights, witches and giants, among other characters. The fact that consists of short battles makes very addictive , not to mention the graphics is very nice.

Clash Royale developers have decided it needed new stimuli to continue flawed and bring us many new features in this version 1.3.2. Clash Royale hack

New cards

This version offers up to 6 new cards spread across all categories. A common letter called “Spirits of Fire” ; a special letter called “The oven” ; as a new epic, “The guards” ; and three legendary cards in the absence of one, “The Hound of lava” , “Miner” and “Sparky” . In the following video you can see how are you new “Sparky” behave on the battlefield:

Gold and chests

The guys Clash Royale have decided to increase the reward system and now give us more gold . If you take some time playing already you know that the holes are completed for filling coffers if not open before, and there comes a time when you do not win more than experience in battle. Well, now the gold game gives us directly by winning battles .

clash royale guide 12We continue to bingo. Chests crowns now give twice as prizes and the chances of finding one giant supermágico or duplicated . And now if you’re good enough to reach the legendary arena you can buy in the store legendary cards instead of waiting to see if a stroke of luck you get them .

On the other hand they wanted to give prominence to the TV Royale , maybe not so popular, that allows watching reruns of popular games or other users have wanted to record. We said earlier that see these items was a good way to get some extra experience points, but I can now see friendly battles and even throwing confetti, yeah, confetti.

These are the main new features of this update, squeeze butt to go looking at these items we’ve collected for you with tips and tricks to win battles . Clash royale cheats

TUTO FUT # 3 – Squad Challenges Building on FIFA 17 – “El Rondo” and the 4 challenges “Hybrid Country”

Hello to you all for this new Tuto FUT (number 3), Special Squad Building Challenges.

Today I will offer you cheap five teams to pass the “El Rondo” challenge, and the four challenges “Hybrid Country”. I also want to tell you that the next Squad Building Challenges will also be available on Youtube at this address ^^

Before continuing, it seems important to remember that players have earned in packs automatically the “loyalty” bonus which gives a +1 collectively. For the creation of these teams, I used players from my team: some may have benefited from this bonus. So if you have a collective problem, make the play 10 games, or replace them with players that you had in packs. If you aid needs, please contact me on my twitter 😉

Challenge “El Rondo”

This is a live challenge with limited time, saving a gold pack. To meet this challenge requires seven players or from at least 4 countries and 3 championships. Will have one gold pack to win. FIFA 17 Ultimate team hack

I propose a team of about 3000 credits: players have been bought at auction between 350 and 500 credits, knowing that I already had 3 players in my club.

The list of players: Alvaro Dominguez – Gouweleeuw – Kacar -Perez -Araujo -Radovanovic -Meggiorini

If necessary, increase the collective, you can replace Alvaro Dominguez by Hinteregger

Challenges “Hybrid country”

For these four challenges, it slightly increases the budget, to about 5000 credits per team. However, you can (I recommend it) adapt the ideas of teams that I give you, with your club’s players are not serving you.

Hybrid five countries

For this challenge, we must create a team of eleven players of exactly five different nationalities, with five rare players, in addition to a higher collective or equal to 80, a minimum 67 team without notes and more three players have the same nationality … Not easy but doable ^^

List of players: Butez – Ben Youssef -Diallo – Veskovac – Mandjek – Amadou – Sammaritano -Mesloub – Benrahma – Toko Ekambi

Price: Around 5k auction.

Hybrid seven countries

Same principle for this team no more than three players from the same country, disappearance of scarcity criterion, but the team score to 78 min, the collective increases at 85 min and most importantly, the team must have players exactly seven different nationalities. Astuces FIFA 17
If the challenge is successful, it is a jumbo pack premium gold that is the key: why deprive yourself?

List of players: Benaglio – Kacar – Schär – Spahic – Brandt – Lustenberger – Weigl – Haraguchi – Bittencourt – Di Santo – Blaszczykowski (phew !!)

Price: 4400 credits through the auction.

Hybrid nine countries

For this challenge, it further increases the difficulty: to be successful, it will create a team of eleven players with nine nationalities (players from the same country: max 2) that gold card with a class of 99. In challenge, the gain will also be a premium gold jumbo pack.


List of players: Ryan – Carles Plana – Ruben Vezo – Duarte -Aritz Elustondo – Piatti – Kranevitter – Radoja – El Zhar – Sanabria – Leo Batistão

Price: 5000 credits. By cons, it cost me less ,: I used 5 players already present in my club.

Eleven departing

The ultimate challenge of these challenges Hybrid Country with a pack premium players to win gold.A team of eleven players gold, eleven different nationalities and with a collective 100.

List of players: Lössl – Douglas Santos – Spahic – Kacar – Jedjav – Darida – Mikel Merino – Gerhardt – Kalou – Cordoba – Blaszczykowski

Price: between 4400 and 5500 appropriations


BRAVO!! You just unlock a new pack or premium players! Good opening pack and get lucky;)